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Translation  – French/English – English/French

As much as I can translate English into French pretty adeptly due to the fact that I was born in France and followed a classical education, I am in the strange position of specializing in French to English translation because not only have lived in English most of my adult life, I also pursued a degree with a Major in English (and a Minor in Modern Languages).

Translated materials include: legal correspondence, food and cosmetics labels, marketing material, Taoist medical and philosophical texts, news articles, website content, touristic brochures, technical and user guides/manuals, software content, and literary works – I especially love translating dialogue, plays and scripts!


Unagi – a short story by Dominique Fortier:

Le Prince de Miguasha – a play by Serge Lamothe: The+Prince+of+Miguasha

Tarquimpol (excerpt) – a novel by Serge Lamothe: Tarquimpol+excerpt


Copyedited materials include cover letters, biographies, website content, magazine articles, university essays and dissertations, educational material, organization protocols and procedures, self-help books and much more!


Cycling For Everyone – Article by John Pucher for Momentum Magazine: Cycling+for+Everyone

Emancipation Through Creation – Master’s Dissertation by Jennifer Maksymetz: Emancipation+Through+Creation


I have ghost-written a few self-help and entrepreneurial books but I can’t offer links to samples of my writing due to the confidential nature of the work. All I can say is that I have received great feedback on my ability to tap into each person’s unique voice and that I do my best to vanish from the text when writing for someone else – a skill I acquired with my translation experience. Feel free to contact me and I will give you an honest assessment on whether I will be a good fit for your writing project.